Program Director Tony Barnes
Chief Engineer Crosby Cofod
IT Engineer Muhammad Bhatti
Publisher Chuck Whiting

Song credits: Many people have been asking about the show’s theme song. Our theme song (the song we always begin and end each episode with) is entitled, FLY, and was written by our signed artist and the company’s Music Director, Lou Durham back in 2003. The song was discovered by Big Shot Records owner Brian Choper during a sit-down with Lou several years later as they were looking through Lou’s vault of original compositions. The version you hear in this recording is the only time this song has ever been recorded. It was arranged by Lou along with Brian with help from members of his early Nexus Rock Band. The song was played and recorded by the Nexus Band back in 2008. Lou played piano, and this tune features Brian on extensive drums and Fred Jacobowitz on some elaborate clarinet work.

Brian has since encouraged Lou to create lyrics for this tune. Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. If you like what you hear, please go to and FRIEND the Brian Choper Nexus Rock Band and Lou Durham’s Facebook pages.

Sponsors: Gigs for Good, Bigshot Records and Washington’s Entertainment Connection